Wednesday, November 05, 2008

America Comes to Its Senses

OK, today I'm feeling better! The headline of the local paper says it all: "America Comes to Its Senses."

I shared some champagne with my good friend Amy, who is a new mother to a mixed-race child, while we watched fireworks go off around the neighborhood. She was tearful the entire night, saying: "You have no idea how much this means to my daughter and my family."

I followed much of it on the internet, so I think I may have missed some important televised moments. Anyway, your thoughts, Dear Reader(s)? Post 'em here...

Sidenote: FU, California, for passing Prop. 8!


the feeb said...

it's amazing how happy everybody was the next day. that's gotta be a good sign.

Brian Kunath said...

Nice to know that Obama won North Carolina, even though it wasn't needed. Last count before they determined the win was a 13,693-vote margin. The (extended) Kunath clan can boast six of those.

Can you imagine that? NC voted for Obama! And this after some local douches stole all the Obama signs from my parents' neighborhood! Take THAT a-holes!

As an extra bonus, the voters got rid of that phony Church-lady Dole, who spent about 10 percent of her time in the state and ran vile ads against her opponent Hagen, calling her "godless" and including a voice impersonation of Hagen stating "there is no god." Such a cynical, fear and bigotry-based campaign straight out of the Rove handbook. And it backfired! Double awesome.

This election proves that the old ways are withering away like the evil pinched face of Dole. And our global likability instantly shoots up. Both nice.

Now I'm waiting for the final marginalized group to raise up and make a major claim in American politics: Atheists.

Morsel said...

I believe that some day Atheist will be successful, mainly because they have god on their side.

MO'SH said...

yes, wonderful day! 24 hours later, Erin and I were headed down to Disneyland (what a way to celebrate!). Anyway, one night leaving Disneyland, we were greeted by a group of No! on Prop. 8 demonstrators. We applauded and flashed the peace sign. It was historical!