Monday, July 28, 2008


As some of you loyal readers know, Saturday was M'OSH's birthday. He received from his in-laws a rockin', old-school typewriter. The kiddies were fascinated and gathered around it asking, "What is THAT?"

Bagel-fuls Update

They've upped the ante: now available in super-healthy "whole grain"!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Second place

I realize that this might be a strange post after previously touting the virtues of syrup-soaked pancakes-in-a-can and frozen, cream-cheese-filled bagels. However, I am able occasionally to tear myself away from the table to exercise, especially since "Oprah's favorite bra" changed my life. (Am I really sharing one of Oprah's favorite things on my blog? This is what it's come to?)

Recently my gym held its yearly "Fitness Challenge," a month-long competition with other area fitness centers, with competitors divided by sex and age. I know to some of you that "fitness" and "competition" wouldn't be the first words that come to mind when describing me. But my gym's director talked me into entering and - surprise, surprise - I found I actually got into it. It wasn't so much beating the other competitors. I found with each event that I wanted to beat my previous time or weight or whatever. And at the close of the Challenge came the biggest shocker of all:

FOUR second place wins! A friend (ribbon-less, mind you) suggested that perhaps there weren't many contestants in the "old lady" category. Killjoy. I don't care. I am just happy to be doing something athletic for once. (Wait, does ski club in high school count? I thought not.) Second place is fine with me....