Wednesday, September 24, 2008

At the Tavern

Last week I witnessed my first bar fight in quite awhile. It was at a little place near my friend's house which didn't seem to have a name - the sign simply read "TAVERN" (which, I heard, means that they don't have a liquor license and can only sell beer and wine). We were sitting at the bar cuz all the tables were taken, and next to us a small group of people seemed to be having a nice, civil conversation among themselves.

But suddenly, barstools go flying along with fists and drinks and even eyeglasses. The gigantic bartender quickly hustled the two perpetrators out while they hurled their parting insults. (My favorite: "Fu#king bike messenger!")

After they had gone and things settled down, their friend said to us, "Wanna know what they were fighting about?" Of course I was curious: Was it money... A woman... An intolerable insult to one's mother? "It was art," he said. "They were arguing over who's better: Georgia O'Keeffe or Van Gogh." Fascinating! Especially considering the artists in question. Anyway, so Portland, so hilarious...

Friday, September 12, 2008

On the bus

Ever hear a conversation in Spanglish among teenage girls? Every other word is still "like"!!!